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URSDA offers that opportunity for Drivers to be heard - ONE real collective voice. Together we represent one another through shared ideologies, best practices, continual training, local and state-wide protection platforms to help though almost all situations and circumstances that can arise in the rideshare industry.

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Together we have complete access as Franchise Independent Contracting Drivers to an array of services, benefits, discounts and options to help our businesses and our families. Our community business relationships allows for members to receive reduced cost on health, disability insurance, retirement plans and more. Our bargaining power has allowed for more options to better serve our Drivers.

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URSDA is continuing to grow around a growing rideshare industry. Regardless of your chosen App Platform, Join Us and become part of the family! 

People are talking, the conversation has started... United Rideshare Driver Association has become The Real Voice Of Rideshare Independent Contracting Franchise Drivers - Can we Talk?

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