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URSDA offers the opportunity for Drivers to be heard and become in car entrepreneurs. We represent one another through shared ideologies, best practices, continual training, and partnering with businesses and local officials. URSDA was founded by and still operated by Rideshare Drivers!

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Together we strengthen our buying power for services, benefits and products. Our community business partners further strengthen our voice and buying power.

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Barry Lockhart



“I found URSDA on Facebook July 2017 after already driving for a year on Uber and Lyft. I was making decent money but lacked consistency and motivation. After following URSDA online and voicing my opinion on posts with other drivers, I found new areas that I had not tried and new times to drive that I was afraid to drive. By swapping best practices I am now consistently making more. I went from making about $550 a week to consistently making $900 a week. What sets URSDA apart from the other groups is that members genuinely care and want to help others succeed. They share what works for them, have access to a lawyers and other businesses partners that relate to rideshare. If you are looking for help to earn more. Look no further.”

Tonya McKelvey



The first URSDA meeting I attended was in August 2017, I learned so much that I continued to keep going to the meetings. URSDA then provided me a driver to driver ride along, which I learned to work the strip. I am still going to the meetings and have become an active paid member. Now because of the training and money making programs through URSDA Business Partners, my earnings opportunities have tripled and my rating went from a 4.73 and 300 five star ratings to a 4.96 and 1269 five star rating. 



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