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Registered Members are the backbone and voice of URSDA. 

Collectively Registered Members help create a greater buying and spending power opportunity for implementing benefits on behalf of members as Independent Contracting Franchise Drivers. Registered Members will share in those benefits and available options to include: 

•Access to once a week exclusive Member meetings

•Access to all social media sites

•Access to Member Training

•Access to  “Driver to Driver” training. (Registered Members have priority)

•Access to  Business Partner Discounts (URSDA Management discretion)

•Access to All Business Partner revenue generating programs (100% Payouts) 

Example of Not Registered V.S. Registered Payouts:

Referral Program $$$: Non-Registered Member payout is $2.50 per payout who uses their code v.s. Registered Member payout is $5.00 per 

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