Driver Partner Members

Driver Partner Members are the power and resource behind what we need to build our foundation and operate the day to day business of our association. Becoming a Driver Partner Member tells elected officials, and company management: we stand with URSDA, we are one voice, and we will be heard 

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Online Support Member

Birthed from the Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, our website and email Everyone who Joins URSDA Online serves as an Online Support Member for United Rideshare Driver Association. Online Support Members are who we are together and represent United Rideshare Drivers from all neighborhoods, in all communities that we live and service everyday.

Online members are the immediate presence of United Rideshare Driver Association. Online Support Members are the boots on the ground and serve as Our Eyes, Our Ears, in the communities for which we live and service... Online Members allow URSDA to see more, hear more and to identify an immediate problem(s) or situation(s). 

Online Support Members (OSM) Participate online through social groups and direct conversations, monthly e-newsletter - Welcome to attend Driver Social Monthly Meet-ups - community organized and sponsored events, signup for email updates... Online members are invited to attend the annual conference "The Gathering" and have a vote in leadership held every two years during the Annual Conference, "The Gathering".

OSM's have access to a community of benefits  - Weekly meetings and training at the offices of URSDA - located at Nehemiah Ministries 

Driver Partner Member

Driver Partner Members are just that, each DPM is a Partner with the association in business, community relations and political standings. 

DPM's are the financial backbone and actual real-time investors of the association, each Driver Partner Member is a business partner, has an active vote and voice towards leadership. Each DPM commits to a monthly investment of ONLY $42 or $1.04 a day into the works, existence and expenses of the association. Driver Partner Member will have direct input in decision making, options and available benefits on behalf of all members. Membership will have its privileges.  

Driver Partner Members have taken a more active and detailed role of involvement into the day to day operations of the association's business OFFLINE. Collectively DPM's help create a greater buying and spending power opportunity for implementing benefits on behalf of members as Independent Contracting Franchise Drivers. DPM's will share in those benefits and available options to include: 

  • Purchase Discounts with partners
  • Driver Assistance Program
  • Professional Business Cards
  • Association Email Address
  • Access to discounted Group health and disability benefits
  • Workplace Online Access

Business Partner Members

Business and Corporate Members are partners from our community in business, depending on their products and/or services - Business and Corporate Partners aide URSDA monetarily in the day to day operational cost of the association, its members and the work we provide to the community through a monthly investment .

Business and Corporate Partners are the life link to reduced services for URSDA, its members, officers, family and friends, better cost and savings in business purchases. There are three levels o Partnership that a Busyness Partner Member can qualify for . based on the number of employees and/or the size of the company and the depth of the commitment to the association.

Sole Proprietor Community Partner

  • 50 Employees Or less
  • $149.00 Monthly Subscription
  • Managed Serivces

Business Community Partner Member

  • 100 or More Employees
  • $249.00 A Month Investment

Corporate Community Partner Member

  • 250 or more employees
  • $499.00 a Month Investment

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